Custom Metal Art Designs 2015-08-26T12:23:36+00:00

Metal has long been used to beautify and detail homes and corporate spaces.

Whether you’re looking for custom fabricated metal furniture or a decorative piece, Industrial Sheet Metal is ready to consult with and assist you on the design and creation of a metal piece of your choosing.  Could your home, office or other space use an updated, classic yet modern touch?  These are a few examples of how custom designed metals can enhance and beautify your space.

This creation was done in conjunction with Amherst Woodworking in
Northampton, MA. The entire 50s Retro Bar and Billiard Room was
trimmed in Stainless Steel by Industrial Sheet Metal

Stunning Copper Coffee Table with Shark Motif

8 Foot long Elliptical Stainless Steel Conference Table. This table was Designed & Fabricated by Gary
Galvagni. You may view this at our Industrial Sheet Metal
Offices in Hatfield, MA

Custom design and hand fabrication of this stunning copper mail box enhances the character of an 1800’s home

This custom designed and fabricated copper bowl is the beautiful centerpiece of a water fountain at Smith College, Northampton, MA